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Stuart Computer Repair

Here at Stuart PC Repair we specialize in keeping your business in business when your computers are not working properly.

We take pride in providing customized solutions for all your computer problems. Customer Service and Satisfaction are the highest priority , before we work on your computers , we listen to you first.

We will fix it right the first time every time.  We promise to speak in terminology that you understand not “geek speak” that you don’t.

We promise to treat you and your employees with respect and understanding and we won’t take a superior attitude about your business and your technology needs. For the best computer repair in Stuart Florida , Martin County Florida and Palm Beach Florida   ————- Give us a call today.

Having a wireless problem or virus problem don’t hesitate to call now! Serving customers   for all of Martin County  Florida including, Stuart Florida , Martin County Florid and Palm Beach Florida.

We’re now a proud member of personal computer repair

Mitigating a Critical Flaw in Adobe Acrobat Reader

I’d like to thank Adobe for publishing an advisory  This advisory covers many versions:

  • Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Reader X (10.1.5 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Reader 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Acrobat XI (11.0.01 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Acrobat X (10.1.5 and earlier) for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.5.3 and earlier 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh

Mitigation is easy for Versions X & XI:

FileEditPreferencesSecurity (Enhanced) and looking for the Protected View

I set “Files from potentially unsafe locations” You can do this for “All Files” as well

Here are some links to do this via the registry (Right Click and save as)

Adobe Acrobat X – Files from potentially unsafe locations
Adobe Acrobat X – All Files
Adobe Acrobat XI – Files from potentially unsafe locations
Adobe Acrobat XI – All Files

For my Clients who are on my Remote Management & Monitoring Service these Mitigation will be deployed later today, after I test deployment in my lab.

— Tim Krabec


We Now Offer Computer Recycling

Have you ever wondered what to do with that old computer, Printer, Battery, UPS, or Monitor?

Wonder no longer.  We accept, all of your old (non-radioactive) electronics for recycling.  We do not charge for anything but tube based TV’s, monitors, and other large bulky devices.

We offer free pickup with onsite service, or if you’ve got 10+ Computers or 5+ computer & other devices we’ll schedule a time to pick it up at little or no cost to you.

Please Call us 772-597-2349


— Tim Krabec

4 Reasons Why you Should Move from Windows XP before 2014

Why should I care about Windows XP no longer being supported by Microsoft?  Quite simply Windows XP has been one of the largest targets of hackers over the years, and it will continue to be a target until it is no longer used.  Shortly after Microsoft ends support, hackers will seize the opportunity to attack Windows XP knowing that their efforts will not be stopped.  Currently when hackers attack Windows, Apple, or Adobe, the companies fix the problem and release it as an “update”, that will fix the problem.

Some of the reasons I’ve heard over the years as to why companies are still on Windows XP and have not moved to Windows 7 are :we use Specialized software and they have not released anything new, or we’ve already paid for this, or if we upgrade we’ll have to buy new software/hardware, or I don’t like change.  Lets address some of the reasons why people do not change software/operating systems/computers.

1.  My Specialized Software has not had a new release in years.  If the software your business is using has not had an update/upgrade for years you should either look at purchasing support, or moving to new software.  The longer you wait the more expensive it can become to move to new software, as there are fewer and fewer people who know the old software well enough to help move your data to a new system.

2.  I’ve already paid for this, yes you did already pay for what you have, unfortunately computers are not wine, they do not get better with age.  Western Digital designs their drives to have a lifespan of 5 years if you use it for 40 hours per week average.  “Failure Rate is less than 0.8%.” 5 years, running 40 hours/week. ” Source  With the price & margins on computer equipment continuing to decline, I do not see manufactures adding life to products, only shrinking their designed lifespan to force people to buy new every 3-4 years.  Make sure your data is backed up.

3.  If we upgrade we’ll have to buy new equipment.  Yes you will, and in many cases you will need to replace most if not all of your equipment and probably much of your software as well.  If you have a plan and keep software and machines updated, you can spread capitol costs over several years, rather than replacing everything at the same time.  I recommend setting up an equipment life-cycle.  i.e.  We will replace computers & desktops every 3 years, servers every 4-5 years (if you purchase server grade hardware), and printers every 5 years.

4.  I don’t like change, well if you don’t like change, using a computer is probably not the best thing to do, computer companies are constantly “evolving” the hardware and software.  Look at the changes in Windows, they are mostly incremental changes in color, locations & names, speed, and some functionality.  The longer you wait the bigger the change.